"Perhaps you’ve had
a turning point in
your life, a time when
you knew you had to
honestly look at your
career. You knew you
wanted something more.
You wanted to work
with people and not just
bill hours. Are you ready
for something new?"

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Tim Batdorf's website Lawyer & Self

Tim Batdorf has a unique perspective on the legal profession.  After years of struggling with being a lawyer, Tim discovered innovative ways of practicing law that fed his hunger for meaning and fulfillment.  Based on his own personal experiences, Tim developed methods for helping other lawyers master the art of being a lawyer while staying true to self.

"We each have limiting beliefs that tell us what we can’t do. As lawyers, many choices exist for us to create satisfying and meaningful careers. We must be willing to overcome our limiting beliefs and be proactive in making the choices that work for us if we want more from our careers."